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        Added Burst

        NicQuid Added Burst allows you to specialize any of your favorite e-Liquids, add extra of what makes the burst collection, burst! Put, we're giving you what you've been asking for- extra...

        Menthol Blend

        A Tobacco blend with an arctic bite with a minty finish.


        Just like a powerful mint NicQuid Mintoid does not disappoint! A Total BURST of mint and menthol in every puff. It will wake up your senses with pinch of peppermint and...

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        This flavor will be sure to make you do a double take! NicQuid Sinappse blasts the senses with a deceptively cool dose of menthol, sweet and tangy green apple, and the...

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        $12.95 – $19.95 Select optionsSelect options


        Smoothol is our go-to flavor for any time of day. This e-Liquid gives you a fresh, strong, and minty mix with a surprising hint of cream and sweetness. Leave the cigarettes...

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        Southern Freeze

        NicQuid Southern Freeze is just like a light frost on peaches dangling on the tree and strawberries on the vine. Ripe juicy and plump covered with a thin layer of icy...

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        Breath Mints have met their match. Spearmint by NicQuid is an incredibly crisp and clean, icy taste and a must have for the minty flavor crowd.